Nomad Impact Ventures

We are a startup lab that builds for-profit impact businesses while working remotely and traveling the world.

About Us

Nomad Impact Ventures is a startup lab that builds for-profit impact businesses while working remotely and nomad’ing around the world. We believe in living life to the fullest while also making a global impact.

The majority of our profits are funneled into an impact fund that invests in mission-oriented companies focused on climate change, healthcare and education.

In 2019 our team will be split across four continents but our main hub will be in Bali, Indonesia.

In 2018 we plan to live in Lake Tahoe, USA; Miami, USA; Medellin, Colombia; Lisbon, Portugal; Budapest, Hungary; Berlin, Germany; Bali, Indonesia; and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In 2017 we lived in San Francisco, USA; Bali, Indonesia; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Taipei, Taiwan; Brisbane, Australia; Bangalore, India and the Florida Keys, USA.

Our Culture
We operate with an underdog mentality and value relentlessness, hard work and getting stuff done more than we value “geniuses”


We are obsessed with learning and are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and our businesses
We always make decisions in the best interest of our companies: we are open to criticism and let the best ideas win, not our own
We don’t care about how you’re “supposed to do things,” we do things our way
We operate with honesty and integrity and we don’t take shortcuts

We don’t believe in the concept of an “employee,” we only refer to each other as partners or teammates

Our Team
Cam Woodsum

Cam Woodsum

Founder & CEO

Cam is obsessed with world impact, freedom, happiness and entrepreneurship: so he created a business and life that melds all four. Before Nomad Impact Ventures, Cam ran the special projects group at DoorDash, a Silicon Valley company backed by $970M from the early investors in Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. While at DoorDash, he launched and managed two business lines that generated $1M+ in yearly profit.

Andrew Chan

Andrew Chan

Partner, Operations

Andrew brings over 10 years of experience doing startup operations and website development/management. He is extremely passionate about businesses that make a difference in peoples’ lives and is focused on finding ways to help solve global issues. Andrew and Cam first worked together at DoorDash where they managed a multi-million dollar business line. They have teamed up again to pick up where they left off.

Our Companies

We currently have two publicly facing companies and a few others that have launched but that we aren’t ready to disclose.